Living near NY, a city overwhelmed by homelessness, Young Ambassador Olivia Park knew this was an issue she wanted to relieve since she was young. Especially after the pandemic hit and hearing how millions of people would not know where they were going to sleep at night or get their next meal from, she wanted to help.

At first, Olivia planned to create individual lunch bags to donate to a local homeless shelter, Oasis, in Paterson, NJ. Olivia would raise money to buy and fill these bags with sandwiches, water, and fruit with her friends and family. However, realizing this would not be a safe option due to Covid, Olivia reached out to the shelter, and they came up with the idea to hold a fundraiser. For every $144 she raised, Olivia would be able to feed every woman and child at the shelter.

Olivia reached out to her family, friends, and teammates and with their generous donations, Olivia was able to reach her goal of raising $300!