In March Of 2020, Henrik Lundvist, His Wife And The Henrik Lundqvist Foundation Decided To Donate $100,000 In Support Of A Much Needed Food Bank For New York City. This Food Bank Focuses On Helping Children Maintain Access To Healthy Nutrition. To Do This, They Will Maintain An Operational Presence In Public Schools Via Campus Pantries, And Deploy At Minimum, 27 Mobile Markets Through June (At Minimum 3 Per Week) With An Overarching Emphasis On Outreach To Families With Children Whose Are In Child-Care Or For Those Whose In-Class Learning Has Been Interrupted.

When 2020 HLFYA Cara Griffin learned of this generous act of service, she wondered if she too could make a difference. When the HLFYA Senior Program Director reached out encouraging the Young Ambassadors to serve others during these hard times and in an effort to follow in Henrikā€™s footsteps, Cara created an online fundraising page for others to donate to the Food Bank to support residents in New York City. By using the web-based resource afforded by the foundation, Cara was able to quickly boost her online fundraiser and inform her friends and family of this worthy cause with a click of the button.

Between Cara and her father, they reached a wider audience using multiple social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram. In seconds, Cara explained the mission of both the Food Bank for New York City and the work of the Henrik Lundqvist Foundation with a hyperlink to follow their story. Cara triggered an overwhelming response from people, near and far, and she was able to double her fundraising goal.

Cara was deeply moved by how selfless people were during the hard time. This small act showed her that even during the hardest of times, such as the CoronaVirus Pandemic, there is always a way to make a difference in the lives of others.