COVID 19 has been devastating, particularly in New York City. Unfortunately, many patients sick with COVID 19 have to say goodbye to their loved ones as soon as they enter the hospital, with some patients dying without being able to communicate with their families. Seeing the impact of this disease on New York City, Nathan Blum, a Henrik Lundqvist Foundation young ambassador, raised money to buy iPads for patients at Montefiore Medical Center.

Before the pandemic started, Nathan was ecstatic about completing his independent service project by combining his love for hockey with a fundraiser. Sadly, with the pandemic, Nathan’s independent service project couldn’t be an in-person event. Although Nathan’s independent service project couldn’t take place in person, Nathan realized this was an opportunity to raise money for something close to his heart.

Nathan’s father has worked at Montefiore Medical Center ever since he graduated from Medical school. Seeing his dad’s connection to Montifiore he realized that raising money for the hospital was the right choice for his independent service project. Nathan reached out to his friends, family, and doctors in his dad’s department and raised over $2,300.

“I’m hoping the fundraiser I’ve completed encouraged other young adults to do the same. It’s a really good feeling knowing that I’ve made a difference in people’s lives and I hope to continue helping people in the future.”

Written by 2020 HLFYA Nathan Blum