Due to COVID-19, nobody in 2020 had the ability to go watch a hockey game or enjoy a live concert. However, thanks to today’s technology, Garett Gunin was able to host a live concert on Instagram Live, where he played his drums and many songs for viewers to enjoy. He had set off on a mission. “For every viewer that joins my live concert, I will personally donate $5 to the HLF (Henrik Lundqvist Foundation),” Garett said. He then achieved his goal of 42 viewers and therefore donated $210.

Garett allowed the viewers to send in their favorite songs for him to play on his show. This made them feel happy, excited and were truly able to turn their minds off from the major incident that had taken over society. Garrett had set-up a list of songs that varied between the genres of Pop, Rock N Roll, and Dance so that there was a balance of what to expect for his life. Not only did he have fun, but Garett also felt what it meant to give back to the community. By playing for “fans”, it showed that people could look up to him and continue the legacy of music.

After the concert ended, Garett thanked everyone that joined and for supporting the borough, city, and state. “I hope I have produced my greatest talents and helped everyone take their minds off the current pandemic,” Garette said. ” We need a little light in our lives this year especially and I hope to inspire young stars in the making!”

Written by 2020 HLFYA Garett Gunin