Throughout quarantine and the coronavirus global pandemic, people struggled to find ways to help their communities. 2020 HLF Young Ambassador Ashley went outside the box, and decided to do a virtual event. She thought of how bored the children in hospitals must be, not being allowed to have visitors. Ashley brainstormed different ways that she could possibly help entertain the children and started reaching out to hospitals. Eventually, Ashley thought of the idea to perform baton twirling on a zoom for the kids at Blythedale children’s hospital. She has performed her talent in person at Blythedale since she was younger, and wanted to continue to try to bring light into the children’s day, even during these difficult times.

Ashley explained “The experience was amazing. I was so excited to put on my costume and show them my routines outside through zoom! The coolest part about seeing all the kids was how I met some of them previously at visits (in person), and them remembering me as ‘the baton twirler.’ It also made me realize even more, fun events like this are so important to these kids, especially those that are in hospitals for such long periods of time. Performing for them was such a heartwarming experience.”

Before the zoom, Ashley was able to interact and talk with the children. This was a creative way Ashley helped her community during the coronavirus pandemic.