HLFYA Zach Wilson raised funds for HLF community partner the Garden of Dreams Foundation by putting together an online fundraiser at 32auctions.com



School: Morris Knolls High School

Grade: 10th

Who Inspires Me: My Uncle Mark


On February 17 HLF Young Ambassador, Zach Wilson, launched a charity auction using the fundraising website 32auctions.com. His auction featured 27 items, including 8 signed items by co-founder Henrik Lundqvist. Other items included various gift cards and Tiffany and Co merchandise. The auction was shared with family, friends, and others through social media. Zach said that “his goal was to raise $800. As of the completion of my auction on March 17th, the ending result was $1,051.50, which was a 31.4% increase over my original goal.”


The money made from this auction Zach has chosen to donate to the Henrik Lundqvist Foundation community partner The Garden of Dreams Foundation.

“I am very proud with the results of my auction, I know the money will help many children through the wonderful Garden of Dreams Foundation. It felt great to exceed my goal and know I am making a difference.” – Zach Wilson