School: Wayne Valley High School

Grade: 10th

Who Inspires Me: Elon Musk

In 2016 Wil learned that Tomorrows Children’s Fund at the Hackensack University Medical Center is always running low on supplies in their food pantry around the holiday season. This inspired him to help out all the families at the hospital. Wil said “I wanted to conduct a holiday food drive for the hospital during the month of December, and it was a huge success”. He put out donation boxes around his home town for people to give food to the hospital. In the end, the donations for his project totaled approximately 40 bags of food. He delivered the food personally to Tomorrows Children’s Fund. Will concludes, “They were so grateful to receive such a large donation and I was grateful to give it. It was an amazing experience planning and executing a food drive for such a great cause.”