School: Montclair Kimberly Academy

Grade: 7th

Who inspires me: Malala Yousafzai


For my service project I continued my annual book drive and extended its reach to several schools. Every year the number of books I’ve collected has increased and this year I set my goal high with the hopes I could collect 1,000 books. The school I donated to is Speedway Academy in Newark. At this school there are inadequate resources to supply the school with books for leisure. In other words children don’t have access to reads books for fun in class and at home. With my donation, the teachers can stock their classroom libraries with books the students can take home. What inspired me to run this drive is I have always loved to read and to see kids who really can’t do something that I love so much made me want to do something about it. It was such a great feeling to give out the books and see the joy on their faces. I loved how some of the students remembered me from past years and were super excited to see that I brought them more books. It was amazing to have exceeded my goal of 1,000 books by collecting a total of almost 1,200 books. I can’t wait to continue my drive next year!