By Jessica Golden

Henrik Lundqvist, the star goalie for the New York Rangers has begun wearing custom, themed game masks that he is auctioning off to support charitable causes. Two years after raising $66,000 by auctioning one of his masks to raise money for Hurricane Sandy relief, the 33-year-old Swede is hoping to raise even more money through his latest campaign, “The Mask.”

The project has been made into an MSG television series featuring Lundqvist interviews with John McEnroe, Michael J. Fox, Jeff Gordon, Mario Batali and the FDNY’s Rescue 1 Company.

Each guest helped the hockey star design a custom mask that Lundqvist will wear in a game and then auction off.

“It was just fun to sit down with all these different people and talk about their passions and their career and life and then together design a mask,” said Lundqvist.

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